membership management features

Membership Management

How well do you know your members? Create, edit, manage and safely store all of your client’s details with just a few clicks of a mouse button. iconnect360 membership management features includes built-in membership plans, personal details, booking details, debit details and check-in records. Investing in a cloud solution software also means that your team can share and update your membership data in real-time, too. Say goodbye to complicated Excel sheets and stacks of paper records!

Point of Sales (POS)

The point of sales (POS) features are compatible with sales hardware such as bar code scanners and is easy to learn-as-you-go. The POS is ideal in helping cashiers save time when ringing up sales of beverages, supplements, snacks, fitness merchandise or cash payments while also minimising the occurrence of cashier errors. iconnect36o features multiple payment methods  (including in-house discounts or coupons). Manage refunds with ease and empower your staff to spend more time servicing members instead.

point of sales pos features

direct debit billing features

Collect recurring direct debit payments

A business with a healthy cash flow is a healthy business – which is why iconnect360 features ensure you always get paid on time, every time. iconnect360 is the only software in the industry featuring fully  integrated direct debit billing solutions from Ezypay. This helps you to securely collect recurring direct debit payments and credit card payments from members.  The secure payment system features  allows credit control management, transaction fees processing, variation billing and handling of failed debit transactions.

Customer Relationship Management

The gym and fitness industry is thriving, which means more intense competition and increasing demands from members who want better service and improved relationships, minus the expensive price tag. To adapt to a market where member satisfaction is unquestionably top priority, your business needs a great customer relationship management tool that can help you stand heads above the rest of the crowd. iconnect360 features allow you to surprise your clients with birthday greetings, individual promotions or offerings to help you build warm repertoire and create brand loyalty amongst your clients.

customer relationship management features
inventory management features

Inventory Management

The POS is further complemented with the inventory management tool, which helps your staff keep track of all inventories in real-time. Trade in your hard copies of stock cards and inventory lists for virtual inventory database stored safely online and updated in real-time from the cloud. Other features include varying the pricing as well (which can vary in cases of VIP members or special promotions). With these feature, you’ll never have to fret about loss of sales or empty inventories during peak season.

Access Control and Check-in Management

Make access control at your gym or fitness club a fast process for your members and staff. The iconnect360 software features work with access hardware (such as gate controllers and card scanners) so you can temporarily withhold entry of members with delayed membership payments. The user friendly interface relays up-to-date information on all member’s activities, payment records and account status. Thanks to iconnect360 cloud software, your members can also check-in in at multiple locations or automatically sign into booked classes.

Access Control and Check-in Management features
booking management features

Booking Management

Create and manage member bookings while organising your staff, services and resources at the same time – all via the iconnect360 dashboard!  The booking management features allows for special pricing or promotions (for introductory classes or events). Constantly slot in new classes ahead of schedule to avoid double booking or overly filled classes, including reservations for personal training or studio booking.  Wait list features help maximise resource usage and credit packages.

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