Integrated Direct Debit Billing for Memberships

integrated direct debit


Integrated direct debit billing for memberships is very important.

As an owner or manager of a fitness centre you need to be able to focus on what you do best and that is running a fitness centre.  Not collecting membership payments!  So that is why it’s so important for any gym software you choose to offer fully integrated direct debit billing for members.


What does integrated direct debit billing really mean?

1. No syncing of direct debit and software.

2. Live and real time data.

3. Access to the debit data any time of the day.

4. Access to failed payment information where ever you may be.

5. No uploading of files.


An integrated direct debit software system does not have to be synced and files don’t have to be uploaded in the membership system.  In fact it is 100% in real time.  So much so that if a member checks in through the gate you will see the check in no matter where are the in world.


Luckily iconnect360 has a direct connection to Ezypay New Zealand. Ezypay has nearly 20 years of collecting recurring payments for members in the fitness industry.  It is this high level of experience and smarts that have been integrated into the iconnect360 membership management system.  iconnect360 will try to bill members again if they failed their payments.  Or you can tell the system to keep on billing the membership payments whether the initial payment is successful or has failed.


iconnect360 online gym software stores all the transaction data in the system itself.  This means that you can pull up a report at any time, any where you are of your membership transactions.  Detailed and real time reporting is another benefit of integrated direct debit system within your membership software.


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